I’ve worked with Rich over the last 20 years and he truly possesses all the best qualities of a great leader. I’ve watched him build great teams and lead, motivate, encourage and inspire those team members. He’s a great communicator and always follows through on his word, which are two of the most important attributes in my book. 

JOSEPH ROARK - Partner, Marlin Equity Partners

 Rich is an enthusiastic and experienced leader who has led TAG to a remarkable turnaround in less than 2 years. His voice of the customer focus and team building efforts, combined with lean business improvements across multi-manufacturing sites and a trucking business have yielded record breaking revenue and profit growth. Rich is a natural born marketer who has passionately driven product innovation and entry into new product categories to allow TAG to take market share from competition. Perhaps the greatest quality Rich has is that he leads by example and engages his team by working side by side with everyone. His style engages his entire organization who want to follow him through change, progress and success. I think very highly of Rich and recommend him to anyone who wishes to build and grow a solid and successful organization. 

JIM JOHNSON - Division Manager, Skyline Champion

 There have been few times in my career that I have had the good fortune to work with a level 5 leader as fluent as Rich Florea. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to facilitate what is right vs. who is right which, in turn, encourages fair play. He demonstrates those characteristics that not only inspires others to be their personal best, but also, transforms cultures to be their collective best. As a servant leader Rich puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. Rich possesses the unique combination of fierce resolve and humility. 

BARRY YATES -Former President, Winston Industries, Inc.

 Rich and I worked together in creating a a complex product partnership that involved private labeling of an innovative product that is sold across shared and divergent market segments. During the negotiations I found Rich to be both fair and comprehensive in his approach. We were able to reach a win-win agreement in a business environment that normally leans towards eat or be eaten! We are currently working together in the sales, marketing and distribution of the aforementioned product. In this stage of our relationship Rich has proven to be a supportive and trusted partner in the marketplace. I would highly recommend Rich in any business endeavor primarily for his integrity and his candid approach to business. 

MATT BUCKMAN - General Manager, REV Group

 Rich is a complete leader, rounded, grounded and visionary. His guidance and mentorship led our team through a period of exponential growth in all facets of the business: Operations, Sales, Marketing, QC and Customer Service. Rich is equally adept at quantitative and qualitative guidance. Rich employs a leadership philosophy that is macro/big picture, allowing his team to focus on the micro/departmental goals.

I respect Rich's ability to connect with company associates, business partners and civic leaders alike (Rich is the 1st and only company president I have worked under that personally handed out weekly paychecks with a smile,handshake and thank you!) Additionally, I admire his skill of motivation and cascading vision. Besides the qualities above, Rich is an avid supporter of "giving back to the community", his philanthropic endeavors have reached many and inspired others to follow.

Yes, Rich is a complete leader!